23 January, 2018

What is this?

This is the - hopefully rated G - version of my Haves versus the Have Nots blog. Political, Society, and World problems will be posted here eventually. I am using this blog and the not rated G one, to hone my skills. Then, I'll eventually move on to putting it on my own website and theming it better - for me. I hope to keep very current in 2019 and solve problems - my way.

15 November, 2010

Carlos says Gosselin parents CHOSE to have 8 kids!

What part of science doesn't she get? You do treatments to have a kid,  you can't dictate for the cells to split into 6 kids! Give me a break! They wanted to have at most two more kids! She should leave Kate alone and go murder her own kids by tearing out her own eggs! No kid deserves a mom like her! When you are pregnant with multiples you can't decide which fetus to murder because its your kid! Any parent who would choose which fetus to murder should never have kids.

Expelled from school caused by TV fame or bad parenting?
 As long as the kids do fine, then we are fine that they are on TV or on whatever Movie. However, as soon as something goes wrong, we are quick to blame the parent and say KIDS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE ON TV AND SHOULD NOT BE ACTORS! HUMPH!
Reality check! Thousands of kids have been on TV and in Movies and have done well. If we were to ban each kid from "acting" based on parents might divorce or they might screw up in school, or might do drugs, then we'd have to take that one further and ban all of Hollywood from acting too.

Why? How many actors and actresses do drugs, drink and drive, divorce and generally prove that they can't handle the pressures of fame? See Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears,  and Mel Gibson, the list goes on and on. Some kids just never grow up! Let's face it!

Life happens and you can't stop life from happening! I happen to know a kid who was never on TV, never on Radio, and never in the biz. And guess what? He went off the deep end in ways that would mortify you. Then, as an adult he did get himself in the papers because of what he did.

Many kids are expelled from school for behavioral issues and they aren't in the biz. So, how did the kid get himself expelled? He BB gunned the bus I was on. Guess what! His parents bent over backwards to control that kid and teach him good values. They bent over backwards to get him the best therapist, the best psychiatrists and the best teachers. They even strived to get his meds right. Many other kids who are expelled have less issues and still are expelled.

The solution: Better parenting? Sometimes, no matter how good of a parent you are, you are going to have issues with your kid. How many kids get involved in gangs, drugs, etc and come from good healthy Christian families, or religious families, or conservative families, or wealthy families? Unfortunately, many - and most of them were never in the Biz.

05 November, 2010

Tom Emmer supports Pro-Life and Pro-Murder

Tom doesn't want your fetuses to die, but doesn't give a bloody arse about your infant! He says if "DWI Laws" were tougher, he might have not been convicted a second time! And yet, he claims his 'lunch date' went over and he missed a vote on toughening our DWI laws which, in my opinion are still too weak.  Tom Emmer is one big fat druken liar! He proposed a bill to WEAKEN our DWI Laws and at a later date, said "if we had stronger laws, he probably wouldn't have had the 2nd conviction AND says that he wasn't sure how he would have voted on the law that toughens our DWI laws? But probably would have voted for it?" He is one big fat liar! I wouldn't vote that drunk at governor for anything. Who cares if he is pro-life! Pro-life Drunks murder people! Murder is murder!

Lets face it folks. How many drunks think that driving drunk can't kill? They drink, they drive, they have committed pre-meditated MURDER! They KNOW that drinking and driving can cause an accident. They KNOW that people have DIED from Drunk Drivers! Sure, they think they are capable of driving drunk without killing anyone because they are invincible, but they are the same ones who decided to drink WITHOUT getting a designated driver. Therefore, they have committed pre-meditated murder every single time they drink and drive. No Ifs Ands OR Buts!

How many actors, actresses, sports people and other celebrities and famous need to die before YOU care enough to make drunk driving pre-meditated murder? Apparently, you don't give a hoot about the low class and middle class citizen you kill with your laws!

03 November, 2010

Cravaack needs to learn what slavery is like...

I've been told that Cravaack supports Slavery! Well, why not teach him first hand what its like to be someone's property and sex slave? And brand him, just like millions of children go through. Why not take his children, if he has any, and do the same to them while he watches. Then, lets see how he feels about slavery. Lets take his wife and enslave her and put her through that same hell that millions of women and children go through as slaves! Sex Slavery is not a pretty sport. It is hell on earth. It is degrading. It is emotional, physical, mental, verbal and sexual abuse! They are NOT given a choice. They do NOT make money from this! They are enslaved and forced to lose all control of what they do, what they eat, where they go and with whom. They have no life. They have no freedom.

Here in the USA, slavery was abolished many years ago. Why are we electing a person who thinks slavery is to be worshiped and adored and the only way to live life, especially for THOSE people?

Cravaack hear this message! Enslave yourself and your family so you know how wrong it is! You will NOT like it one bit if you saw your daughter being raped by a man by force! That is what slavery IS in Malasia! That is what many runaway children are forced into, and I mean the children of WHITE MEN in the USA, England and Europe! White supremist beliefs have NO PLACE in the USA or anywheres in the world. Racism, Sexism have NO PLACE anywheres in the world! Down with the Male Perverts who only want to control and rule over women and children with their addictions.

Its high time we learned to change our lifestyle. It is high time WOMEN UNITE ALL OVER THE WORLD AND FIGHT THE MEN WHO ENSLAVE US AND OUR CHILDREN!

Naturalist Camps are all about legal ways to view children in the buff. I thought these camps were wrong when I was 3 and experiencing my first such camp. I still believe they are wrong. I have seen things a 3 year old has no business seeing. I do not need to be saluted as I walk by in the buff by a man's private part! It is not only immoral, it supports child pornography which is wrong, will always be wrong, and is illegal!

15 September, 2010

Score 1 for PCMA! -1 for KSTP's biased report!

So how hard is it for Good Morning America to get a Vegetarian on there to tell their side of the story concerning the new PCMA ad that targets McDonald's Hamburgers for being behind heart attacks? All of the people discussing the ad were Pro-Meat eaters! Give me a break! Yes, we had have heart attack for years, but lets face it. What were those people eating? Red Meat! What does McDonald's serve? Red Meat! Your argument is simply nonsense.

Just a note: Asia had a rare disease called Diabetes. It was very rare that anyone was diagnosed with it because they just didn't eat MEAT regualarly. There diet was largely Vegetarian, actually. Authentic Sushi is VEGAN. NO Fish! Don't confuse Sushi with Sashimi. *wink  What changed? McDonalds, and other Western Civilization dishes and restaurants came in. These dishes featured Meat! With it, came Diabetes. Diabetes isn't a rare disease in Japan anymore. McDonald's is very popular now. Heart Attacks are higher too! However, I will give the naysayers one help...the ad shouldn't have targeted Heart Attacks. They should have attacked Diabetes. Why? Japan's testimony alone, proves that a typical Western Diet makes Diabetes more prevalent.

Get Rich Quick! Be a Teen and park on train tracks at light!

All you need to do to get rich quick, is to have your idiotic, suicidal teenage driver STOP his vehicle on the railroad tracks at a light. Then, sue the railroad when your teen dies! Those stupid idiotic foolish and suicidal dipwads earned their parents 21 million. After legal fees and taxes, I'm sure it was a whole lot more. However, MY drivers manuals clearly states "DO NOT STOP ON RAILROAD TRACKS".  My legal training for Paralegal taught me that ignorance of law is NOT a defense, then WHY are Railroad companies ORDERED to IDIOT proof Railroad crossings? Come on! That teen has a brain and should be expected to use it! Personally, I wouldn't let a teen who is full of it, to drive. If they can't prove intelligence and common sense, forget it. They can walk or take the bus! I don't beat around the bush. Never seen a bush to beat. But, one thing I do know is that we could keep  people SAFE IF we started charging them a $1 million fine payable to the IRS for every time they stopped ON the railroad tracks, as additional Taxes on top of their regular taxes. Or, if need be, have this money payable to Congress for them to divy up amongst themselves as "bonus" pay.

Seriously, the only real solution is to force...

14 September, 2010

How do we Stop our Jobs from going Overseas?

So, you may be asking yourself, what do we do about all of our jobs going overseas? Its easy! Boycott every single business that does lay off employees and moves the business overseas.  Don't agree with their hiring practices? Don't agree with their policies? Boycott them! Yes, this is very difficult, but we really do buy too many material things anyways. Just stick to whole foods and farmers markets. Use as little gas as possible. Grow your own Vegetables. Go Vegan if you want to get expenses down. If you garden, you won't have to buy anything except B12. Broccolli contains lots of Calcium. Dairy is a poor source of calcium, despite what the label says.  Read Dr. Neal Barnard's book. He explains this well.   Go back to school to learn how to run a business and start your own business - hiring locals. Unless Americans ban together, we will lose all of our jobs.  I wouldn't just threaten to boycott, I'd do it - en masse. Sure, it'll mean cooking from scratch, buying clothes from Goodwill and Salvation Army or some other Thrift store or Consignment shop. If we were to buy everything used, we'd not only save lots of money, but they would have to bend over backwards to get us to buy from them .